Extension Perses

Relive the great battles of Antiquity and at the head of your army, impose your power on your opponent!

Persian Extension

The Persians extension contains

- 1 scenario booklet to play the battles of Thymbrae (547 BC), Marathon (490 BC), Plataea (479 BC)

- 1 sheet of 108 counters representing the army of the Achaemenid Persians

- 1 21x29,7 cm map and 1 42x59,4 cm map

Requires the Basic module of ARS BELLUM, the Hellenic Extension and the Lydian Army Supplement

The scenario book

6 pages of historical explanations to play 3 battles of the wars between Persians, Lydians and Greeks and master the multitudes of this army

The counters

The Achaemenid Persian army and its multitude of troops

The maps

1 21x29,7 cm map and 1 42x59,4 cm map for thrilling scenarios

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