Extension Philippe de Macédoine

Relive the great battles of Antiquity and at the head of your army, impose your power on your opponent!

Hellenic Extension

The Hellenes Extension contains

- 1 scenario booklet to play the battles of Potidae (432 BC), Spartolos (429 BC), Olpae (426 BC), Amphipolis (422 BC) and Delion (424 BC)

- 1 sheet of 108 counters representing the Athenian, Spartan, Theban armies, and two armies of mercenaries or Greek allies

- 3 21x29,7 maps and 1 42x59,4 map

Requires the basic module of ARS BELLUM

The scenario book

8 pages of historical explanations to play 5 battles of the Peloponnesian War and master the skills of the main Greek armies of this period

The counters

The Greek armies and their powerful phalanxes

The maps

3 21x29,7 cm maps and 1 42x59,4 cm map that can be used for several battles

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