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Take part in a fantastic epic on the Land of Alhandra! Carry out the designs of the forces of darkness, or take in hand the destiny of the Empire and the ancient peoples ... A wargame in which YOU are the hero!

Basic module

The basic module of The Three Portals game contains

- 1 rulebook of 16 pages with the principles of the game and many illustrated examples

- 1 game aid

- 1 board of 108 counters and markers to play the first actors of the history

- 4 battles representing the preamble of the Great Campaign

- 4 21x29.7 cm map


The rulebook

14 pages of illustrated rules, simple concepts and the possibility of playing with pleasure while effectively simulating the historical dimension of battles

The counters

The armies and characters of the Preamble

The Help sheet of the game

1 sheet (21x29,7 cm) containing essential game aids

The maps

4 maps (21x29,7 cm)

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